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Mi Invoices is a SaaS solution that is fully integrated into all Oracle ERP applications, automating the processing of supplier invoices with full exception handling and workflow to enable invoice automation. With true “Single Screen Processing,” the user accesses one application to manage invoices and has an adaptable GUI to ANY language.

It can automatically match Purchase Order invoices through a Simple Match, either a PO Header level auto-completion or line match. The solution can also communicate directly with your suppliers. An example would be where there is No PO number on the invoice, and there is a No PO, No Pay policy, the user in AP can reject the invoice directly back to the supplier to resolve the issue within minutes.

Mi Invoices SaaS invoice processing software solution requires minimal implementation effort enabling rapid deployment for customers to maximise the benefit of the solution instantly and can guarantee a reduction in manual effort to process invoices.



Mi Invoices - Invoice Automation into Oracle

Are you happy with the way you currently process inbound supplier invoices?

Can it be done better?

Can it be more efficient?

Automated to reduce manual effort?

Transparent and fully auditable?


If you are thinking of answering “Yes” to any of the above, then Mi Invoices is for you

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Mi Invoices Integrated with all Oracle ERP platforms either in the Cloud or On-Premise


Seamless Integration with Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud, eBusiness Suite, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft


Seamless Integration


Mi Invoices automated invoice processing software is integrated with all Oracle ERP solutions including Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud, EBusiness Suite, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft.

Our integration allows the full benefit of validating the data your ERP requires from that invoice to meet your business processing.

Mi Invoices
Automated invoice processing for Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud Accounts Payable


Mi Invoices Invoicing Insights video of the integration with Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud


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In this episode, we will talk about the additional benefits Mi Invoices provides Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud Accounts Payable to enable efficient Invoice Processing.


Mi Invoices
Inside Oracle eBusiness Suite Accounts Payable Process


Mi Invoices Invoicing Insights video of the integration with Oracle eBusiness Suite


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In this episode, we are inside Oracle eBusiness Suite, using the PaperClip to show how you can retrieve and view the Invoice Image and Audit File created by Mi Invoice


Mi Invoices Security is one of the most critical and important aspects of an organisation


Mi Invoices Invoicing Insights video showing the security of user access controls


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Mi Invoices supports Single Sign-On, SSO via compliance with SAML 2.0. Access is controlled by user authentication and by roles and groups. This can be linked to your Active Directory or by SAML 2.0 to control and manage the users' access rights. This ensures who has authorised access and to what they can do or see.

Key Benefits

  • list icon Reduction in effort and time to process invoices
  • list icon Minimises required touch points with SSP - Single Screen Processing
  • list icon Reduced implementation effort, enabling immediate return on investment
  • list icon Non template, self-learning capture technology to increase first time recognition
  • list icon Standard, flexible and easily configured workflow to reduce complexity
  • list icon Invoice Capture Paper, Email, PDF or EDI
  • list icon Supports Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • list icon Our Management Dashboard allows AP managers to see the complete overview of invoices in the system
  • list icon Reporting that includes Accruals and KPI’s to assist with queries and analysis of spend
  • list icon Full Audit History of the information requests and responses is captured and added to the audit file
  • list icon Search functionality that enables you to find an invoice, see the status and full workflow history
  • list icon Automated Intelligent 3 Way Matching
  • list icon Enables Home Working to assist with BAU, providing flexibility and efficiencies
  • list icon Straight Throughput – percentage of invoices with no touch
  • list icon Additional Cash Benefits – Alerts inform AP of approaching late payment deadlines, to avoid payment penalties.
  • list icon Integrated with all Oracle ERP platforms
  • list icon Full Audit History – Available for every invoice
  • list icon Support for Mobile Approval

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Arcivate Mi Invoices integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud. Now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace  Oracle E-Business Suite  Oracle JD Edwards  Oracle PeopleSoft

Mi Invoices Reporting  Management and KPI Dashboards

Mi Invoices automates the intensive AP invoice process to reduce errors, increase throughput and boost efficiency.

To ensure visibility of invoices there are Accrual, KPI and Search reports, to assist with queries and analysis of spend, with managers able to see where tasks are within the system and what has been successfully imported into the ERP.


Mi Invoices Dashboards

Mi Invoices
Customer Success Stories

Mi Invoices SaaS Invoice Automation for Accounts Payable, our customer successes in accelerating their processing of Supplier Invoices.

Assisting their Accounts Payable teams based locally or in global Shared Service Centres as the task can be carried out centrally or is perfect for remote workers.


Customer Successes

Accounts Payable Process

In a perfect world, all inbound invoices contain the expected and relevant data such as PO numbers, correct address, etc. But in real life, there is always some invoices that need to be verified by a human eye and may require a decision from an operator.

It also provides a full audit file enabling controls and compliance to comply with local regulations. 


Exception Processing

Datacentre Accreditation's

  • list icon ISO90001 – Quality Management 
  • list icon ISO27001 – Information Security Management
  • list icon ISO20000 – Service Management
  • list icon ISO14001 – Environmental Management
  • list icon Approved Commercial N3 Aggregator
  • list icon Cyber Essentials Certified
  • list icon CHAS Accredited
  • list icon ICS ServCheck
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