The Advantage of Seamless ERP Integration

The Advantage of Seamless ERP Integration

Integration with your Oracle ERP platform

Invoice Automation – So you can successfully OCR your Invoices!                                                                                  See a Demo

Perfect but what about the Integration with your Oracle ERP platform?

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The integration with your Oracle ERP platform is essential whether you are using ERP Cloud, EBS, JDE or PeopleSoft, it is critical that you can obtain all the required master data for your invoices. This must include; Supplier Details, Purchase Orders, Line Items, Receipts and more. This information enables you to successfully validate the extracted data obtained from the invoice and match it to the data in your system.

Then once all the invoice data is validated it needs to be submitted into your ERP platform and so often we hear the phrase “here is the flat file for you to import” !

Mi Invoices SaaS invoice automation for Accounts Payable processing Integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud, e-Business Suite (EBS), JDE & PeopleSoft


Sometimes integration and the importance of it, is massively overlooked. Why? Because the whole point of automation is to save time and money, which is the opposite when a flat file with no integration is imported into your ERP. Integration allows the full benefit of validating the data your ERP requires from that invoice to meet your business processing, along with making sure there are no errors or additional manual tasks which consume time and effort.


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Oracle Integrated with Cloud award

At Arcivate we have liaised closely with Oracle to tightly integrate our Mi Invoice solution with your ERP. We integrate all the relevant metadata and add the URL of the invoice image and audit file, directly into your environment and into the ledger ready for payment. As our solution supports validation against ERP master data as it is uploaded into the solution this allows for checks such as duplicate invoice, supplier identification and purchase order data. Any issue that arises can then be dealt with.

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Published on the Oracle Marketplace

Our integration makes use of the Oracle approved interfaces and we have had this certified as part of our Oracle Marketplace entry and our Integration Cloud award.

Mi Invoices integrates with all the leading ERP solutions including Oracle Fusion, EBS, JDE and PeopleSoft.
If you would like to find out more and see our Mi Invoices solution integrated with your ERP.


Accounts Payable integration with Oracle ERP Cloud, EBS, JDE and PeopleSoft


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Mi Invoices - Invoice Automation Software in the Cloud allowing instant implementation and minimising IT and infrastructure requirements

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