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Accounts Payable - Tips & Tricks of User Profiles in Mi Invoices
In this episode, Jason Howard, Sales Director from Arcivate will demonstrate how User Profiles in Mi Invoices can enhance Accounts Payable processes in Oracle Fusion Cloud or E-Business Suite.



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Transform and Enhance your Oracle ERP Invoice Processing


ArcivateSaaS solution providing Invoice Automation in a true cloud environment to enable rapid deployment and maximise the benefits instantly


Supports Single Sign-On (SSO)


User profile controls their role and what they can see and perform
ArcivateThe user profile also defines their language setting for the user interface e.g. English, French, Spanish, ...
ArcivateFull Audit History – Available for every invoice
ArcivateEnables Home Working to assist with BAU, providing flexibility and efficiencies

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Enhancing Automated Invoice Processing Exception handling

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Invoice Processing Solution isn’t Working 

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When to Consider Upgrading Your Invoice Solution?

It's important to periodically evaluate whether your current invoice processing solution meets your needs and if it's time to upgrade or replace it.

Is it ever too early to look for another solution? Looking into alternative options & upgrading early on can ensure your processes stay efficient

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