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Mi Invoices is a Cloud automated invoice processing platform for Accounts Payable, providing business benefits to organisations by automating the processing of their supplier invoices, enabling controls, compliance and auditability. Flexible and configurable, Mi Invoices intelligent document recognition is adaptable to all client's requirements and can support multiple languages, currencies and business rules.

Transforming your Finance Team with the latest technology to enhance your Oracle ERP application as part of your source-to-settle processes.

As a SaaS automated invoice processing software solution, Mi Invoices enables rapid deployment for customers to maximise the benefits instantly.

Mi Invoices



Mi Invoices is a SaaS Invoice Automation Solution Integrated, with Oracle ERP platforms
Enabling the Transformation of Invoice Processing in Accounts Payable 


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Mi Invoices
Automated Invoice Processing

Arcivate Mi Invoices - Invoice Automation in the Cloud


Mi Invoices

Mi Invoices forms a critical part of your AP Automation and Invoice Management to improve procure-to-pay, P2P, processes, by automating the capture and processing of supplier invoices.

Mi Invoices
Case Studies

Using Oracle ERP Cloud or EBusiness Suite, our latest release of Mi Invoices makes it simpler and faster to process your invoices. Join us for a live demonstration of the latest update to our Invoice Automation solution - Mi Invoices, showing off all the fantastic new features to streamline your Accounts Payable department.


Case Studies

Learn more about our capabilities and experiences and why they chose Mi Invoices from our customer case studies in accelerating their processing of Supplier Invoice 

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Our Invoice Automation Tips and Tricks for P2P and Accounts Payable. Showing how to unlock your savings and obtain a return on your investments in Oracle

Watch our Webinar - Is IDR working for you with Oracle Fusion?

Does IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) work for you


Recorded on 3rd March

Invoice automation solutions are nothing new, but the change in model from on-premise to SaaS-based ERP solutions has led to organisations trying to build a solution into the ERP system.

One such solution is Oracle’s IDR which is provided as part of Fusion Cloud ERP. Does this out-of-the-box solution meet your needs or are you coming across issues because your business processes are simply different? 

item-styleFor example, do you need to have multiple mailboxes to receive your invoices to segregate them based on the country or business unit they relate to?

item-styleDo you want the system to recognise a supplier utilising validation of the address or just assume the PO number read is correct, which then automatically applies supplier and Business Unit?

item-styleWhat about when something isn't read, how do you want the system to be updated or amended?

item-styleWhat address are you capturing off the invoice? or is it being ignored?

item-styleWill any of these cause you issues when processing invoices?


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Customer Success Stories

Mi Invoices SaaS Invoice Automation Software for Accounts Payable, our customer successes in accelerating their processing of Supplier Invoices 


Customer Successes


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