Do you have data and or images in an old redundant legacy content store or document archive management system?


Is it no longer supported, on an old operating system or hardware and has gaping security flaws?


Are you paying to keep old systems running?

Data Migration Services

The decommissioning of legacy applications can provide significant ROI’s and ensures that users can find all historical information in one location and utilising the latest technologies.

Arcivate has the skills and expertise from many years of migrating, transforming and transitioning data and images into new solutions.

Arcivate has undertaken numerous data migrations, which include Basware, Itesoft, Kofax, Markview, Oracle WebCenter, IXOS, OpenText, etc

Providing an extraction from your ERP or 3rd party automation solution Arcivate can be trusted to import, standardise, integrate, export, and provide a full audit trail of all your data and any exceptions.



Data Migration Services


See how we have helped our clients successfully migrate their Legacy Data and Images


See how we have helped our clients successfully migrate their Legacy Data and Images

Customer Success

Key Benefits

  • list icon Supported Modern Technology Platform, removing Maintenance Costs of Legacy software and hardware.
  • list icon Latest Systems, Patches and protection which closes the legacy Security Holes minimising your risk
  • list icon As a SaaS platform ensuring the latest Security Controls, no on-going IT resources needed, delivering additional ROI's
  • list icon Reduction of data loss due to breakdown and obsolescence
  • list icon Improved Easier access enabling Single place to search for your current and legacy data and images with Secure access and Controls
  • list icon Legacy Data Quality checked and Duplicate records removed
  • list icon Conversion of Images and Data to provide a cleaner consistent view.
  • list icon Lower Ongoing Costs

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