Announcing Oracle E-Business Suite Innovations in 2021


Oracle has announced the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) innovations made available in release updates throughout 2021, the largest being Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.11 and the EBS Enterprise Command Centers - November 2021 Update that we are delivering today.

These latest releases follow the EBS Enterprise Command Centers - March 2021 Update and Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager 21.1.1 and Updates, delivered in July and September, respectively.

Thousands of organisations around the world rely on Oracle E-Business Suite to run their key business operations. It is natural that organisations that rely on EBS for so much need to feel confident that their EBS systems will remain viable through their planning horizon. 

EBS Enterprise Command Centers

The Enterprise Command Module enhances the power and reporting capabilities by Identify and Act on Priority Transactions without Custom Operational Reporting

Information-Driven Navigation

item-styleBrowse and drill on actionable indicators

item-styleUse consumer-like search and filters

item-styleDisplayed data recalculated with each drill

item-style“Conversation with the data” to narrow in on most important priorities

item-styleTake action on selected transactions

Oracle EBS Enterprise Command Centers Module datasheet

Payables Command Center

EBS Payables Command Center


Optimise Invoice Processing and Utilise Discounts

  • Optimise Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
  • Optimise cash outflow
  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Optimise payables month-end processing


Oracle EBS Enterprise Command Module PDF

E-Business Suite R12 Upgrade, Enhance & Automate 

How to Future Proof your investment in Oracle

item-styleWhat is the business users advantage of this?Mi Invoices
item-styleHow can it provide a material return on the investment?
item-styleHow does it modernise our business?


One of the major components of an EBS environment which is very labour intensive is the P2P processes, initially in raising the purchase order (PO) and then the data entry of supplier invoices.

Automate EBS  with  Invoice Automation for Accounts Payable  invoice processing and approval


The supplier invoice entry process in EBS requires significant manual effort and necessitates the users to go through a number of screens to complete the task.

This area has seen major 3rd party technology enhancements over the past decade and clients who previously purchased a system, even in the past 3 years, can see significant improvements and costs reductions. The best generation of products are cloud-based, which enable significant cost advantages, provide automatic updates over the contract period for no additional fees.

They can also offer a seamless upgrade path from on-premise to Oracles ERP Cloud SaaS solution, so future-proofing the automation of P2P.  

Importantly they offer the business users real benefits, as they have modern and intuitive interfaces to minimise mouse clicks and required keystrokes, typically with friendly single screen processing. Some are even using mobile technology to further enhance the process and minimise user effort. These ensure you can obtain real and measurable ROI. Want to know how, watch our Invoicing Insights Videos

Invoicing Insights


In the current climate, businesses have needed to enable flexible Hybrid working. Mi Invoices has given Customers the ability to work from home or the office.

So, whether you look to upgrade your EBS platform on-premise or migrate your environments to Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to gain many of the benefits of Cloud operation, you can continue to run EBS and take advantage of your existing investments and customisations.

Updating your invoice automation can provide further business benefits and financial rewards as part of your ongoing business strategies.

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