Mi Invoices forms a critical part of your AP Automation and Invoice Management to improve procure to pay processes, by automating the capture and processing of supplier invoices.


How integrated is your Invoice Capture solution?

How Integrated is your invoice automation platform? The new EBS R12 Web User favorites dashboard. with direct access to Mi Invoices

Arcivate are a dynamic cloud solutions provider offering SaaS Invoice Automation, tightly integrated with Oracle ERP platforms

Mi Invoices

Invoice Automation in the Cloud

Mi Invoices for accounts payable, automating Invoice processing and payments
Mi Invoices is a SaaS solution providing Oracle Invoice Automation processing for accounts payable, enabling a rapid deployment for customers to maximise the benefit of the solution instantly, enabling immediate return on investment.
Invoice processing is labour intensive, costing organisations time and money through inefficiency. Mi Invoices uses SSP - Single Screen Processing to minimise touch points and to reduce effort, time and most importantly cost in processing invoices.
Cloud Security is paramount and Mi Invoices  supports SSO single sign on to prevent unauthorised access. It is also tightly integrates with all Oracle ERP platforms.
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E-Business Suite R12 Enhance & Automate Procure-to-Pay Webinar

This collaborative EBS R12 Procure-to-Pay webinar  provides an in-depth overview of enhancing and automating the end to end P2P procurement processes. It will include examples of the new features and benefits in the EBS and the Advanced Procurement suite plus a live demonstration of Invoice Automation for Accounts Payable.

To understand the real benefits of upgrading and future proofing your investments.

April 29th at 10am  UK time 11.00am UK time on 17th September

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Arcivate  and Claremont collaborative E-Business Suite R12 Enhance & Automate Procure-to-Pay Webinar


Home Working

 Working from Home.  Allowing the Accounts Payable team to work from home delivers business benefits and efficiencies.


Working from Home

There has been a shift in recent years to reduce office sizes, the cost associated with having a physical office and organisations are encouraging employees to work from home.

Working from Home was a different style of operating that organisations could adopt, but wasn’t the tried and tested method. With the reliance on home working likely to become the norm, its important to ensure business continuity.

Mi Invoices has given Customers the ability to seamlessly transition to home working overnight.

Home Working

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Data Migration Services


Data migration of legacy Invoice Automation applications delivering ROI


Our Migration Services

Data and Image Migration

Frequently as part of a Mi Invoices deployment, there will be a requirement to migrate data and information from existing systems into the new solution. 
The decommissioning of legacy applications can provide significant ROI’s and also ensures that users can find all historical information in one location.
Arcivate has undertaken numerous data migrations, from systems such as Basware, Concur, Itesoft, Kofax, WebCenter, ... , and is a service we offer to our clients. 





Invoice Automation in the Cloud

Into Oracle ERP Cloud, EBS, JDE or PeopleSoft

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