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Accounts Payable - Invoicing Insights Tips & Tricks Searching and Retrieving an invoice with Mi Invoices

In this episode of automated invoice processing, Jason Howard, Sales Director from Arcivate will show how users can Search and Retrieve an invoice with Mi Invoices utilising the numerous data fields available. To Transform and Automate  Accounts Payable processing in Oracle ERP Cloud and EBusiness Suite.


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Automating and Enhancing Oracle eBusiness Suite or Oracle ERP Cloud

to Transform your Accounts Payable processes


ArcivateSaaS solution providing automated invoice processing in a true cloud environment to enable rapid deployment and maximise the benefits instantly


Search enables users to find invoices quickly and establish their current status

ArcivateView invoice and all support documents associated with the invoice record

ArcivateFor all completed transactions an Audit file is available to see invoice history

ArcivateSearch for invoices processed through Mi Invoices and any Migrated records from your old solution

Arcivate As a SaaS solution, it enables hybrid working as users can work remotely, at home or from an office 

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Invoice Automation Standing Out from the crowd

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The Importance of Procurement in Business Operations

Streamlining Procurement

The Importance of Procurement in Business Operations

Discover how implementing a No PO No Pay policy can streamline procurement processes and enhance efficiency.

Procurement plays a crucial role in the overall operations of a business. It involves the process of acquiring goods and services that are essential for the company's functioning. Effective procurement ensures that the right resources are obtained at the right time and cost, enabling smooth operations and sustainable growth.

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