Invoice Capture

Mi Invoices supports invoice capture via Email, EDI, File Transfer or Paper 


Historically Invoices where all paper based but today most arrive in an electronic format, ideally a PDF emailed in by the supplier directly from their own ERP platform.  

Mi Invoices includes accounts payable scanning software, which can capture documents from all sources and formats and handle multi input capture (paper, pdf, email, EDI, scanner, ...).

Mi Invoices ican capture documents from all sources and formats and handle multi input capture (paper, pdf, email, EDI, scanner, ...)                                                    

Image Quality


Where scanning of paper is required, we enable a number of options based on the scan volume required.

These include using MDF’s, multifunction devices, which can scan to email for low volume, adhoc, requirements. Or we can enable production scanners in mail rooms for high volume customers, who require 1000’s of invoices to be processed.  

Image Quality is critical, so modern scanners and capture software have features to help create clean scans, even with difficult documents. Getting a clean image affects extraction rates more than anything else so it is worth investing in the right scanners and ensuring that suppliers send you clean images.

We do recommend you advise your suppliers to send their invoices by email but this is not always possible, or were regulatory controls insist on hard copy invoices being kept.

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Invoice Capture Software using a Kodak i4000 scanner


Data Capture

Mi Invoices OCR enables Oracle Invoice Automation



Mi Invoices can extract all required data either via OCR or utilising XML for EDI.

The solution is optimised for Invoice extraction both of Header, Footer and Line data. The Mi Invoices solution has an embedded OCR capability using the leading-edge recognition engine and works on keyword location and field format.

We capture all Header, Footer and Line item details from invoices and the extracted data is then validated against your Vendor Master Data. 


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