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Invoice automation solutions are nothing new, but the change in model from on-premise to SaaS-based ERP solutions has led to organisations trying to build a solution into the ERP system.

One such solution is Oracle’s IDR which is provided as part of Fusion Cloud ERP. Does this out-of-the-box solution meet your needs or are you coming across issues because your business processes are simply different? 

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item-styleFor example, do you need to have multiple mailboxes to receive your invoices to segregate them based on the country or business unit they relate to?

item-styleDo you want the system to recognise a supplier utilising validation of the address or just assume the PO number read is correct, which then automatically applies supplier and Business Unit?


What about when something isn't read, how do you want the system to be updated or amended?

item-styleWhat address are you capturing off the invoice? or is it being ignored?

item-styleWill any of these cause you issues when processing invoices?

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Should you consider alternatives?

 Do what suits your business process, organisations are guilty of thinking that something that forms part of a larger component or solution is the right approach to use. When it comes to Tax engines, organisations commonly use alternative solutions or when it comes to reporting there are again 3rd party solutions that might have functionality that meets your requirements better.

Why is invoice processing any different, the simple answer it isn’t.  

Any organisation that approaches 3rd Parties does so knowing that they are experts in their respective areas. Oracle produces a great ERP, but does the Invoice Automation feature meet your business needs? See the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for a range of  alternative products providing enhancements


Sometimes integration and its importance of it is massively overlooked. Why? Because the whole point of automation is to save time and money, and it allows the full benefit of validating the data your ERP requires from an invoice, ensuring there are no errors or additional manual tasks. 


Mi Invoices published on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

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 Does IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) work for you v0.2








item-styleWelcome and introduction

 item-styleWhat is IDR?

item-styleHigh-Level Nuances


item-styleThe input process -email

item-stylePO Flip identification

item-styleHow learning works

item-styleLegal address

item-styleMore Examples: OCR & languages & Non-PO workflows

item-styleQ&A Session


Jason Howard

Sales Director

Jason Howard

Jason brings more than 20 years of sales and leadership experience to Arcivate, having been immersed in the document management and automated invoice processing arena. Jason is instrumental in driving the go-to-market strategy and commercial direction for Arcivate automated invoice processing solutions.

His detailed knowledge of client requirements and maximising automation through intuitive user interfaces assisted with the development of Mi Invoices Automated invoice processing software supplied within a SaaS model in the Cloud.

Andrew Coyle

Development & Support Director

Duncan Coyle

Duncan has been at Arcivate for over 10 years and has worked on many of our key automated invoice processing software projects. Developing his skills to become an effective business analyst and functional consultant for the P2P processes of Oracle ERP applications, including ERP Cloud and E-Business Suite.

He has also used the skills of investigation and research to better understand the details of the embedded processes of procurement and accounts payable, which has allowed him to assist our clients to enhance their invoice processing.

Using this knowledge and approach has enabled him to lead the development and support teams to ensure the customer business requirements are fully implemented and delivered effectively.

Oracle Partnership


Mi Invoices is a SaaS solution that is fully integrated into all Oracle ERP applications, automating the processing of supplier invoices with full exception handling and workflow to enable invoice automation. With true “Single Screen Processing,” the user accesses one application to manage invoices and has an adaptable GUI to ANY language.

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Arcivate - OPN Partner provides SaaS automated invoice processing seamlessly integrated with Oracle ERP Finance platforms available in the Cloud. Mi Invoices, enables the Digitalization and Transformation of Accounts Payable by automating the processing of inbound Supplier Invoices and significantly reducing the manual effort required. As a valued Oracle Partner, we use both Oracle’s and complementary cutting-edge technologies to provide a flexible and configurable solution, to meet our client’s individual requirements.