WebCenter 11g Upgrade

WebCenter 11g Upgrade

Premier Support ends in December 2018

Oracle WebCenter Suite including WebCenter Imaging 11This poses a key question to customers, upgrade or to consider alternatives?                                                                                                                    Free Review

There are several things, which you will need to consider:


  • Have you customised your solution?
  • Are you looking to reduce hardware costs?
  • Where are you utilising the WebCenter software in your business?
The Challenges of Upgrading Oracle WebCenter Imaging 11g to 12c
WebCenter Imaging projects, whether used for ‘Invoice Automation’ or custom solutions like ‘Customer Correspondence’; it is important to evaluate the complexity, costs and long-term maintenance of the solution.

For AP Automation projects, Oracle provided an accelerator called the Financial Imaging Process Solution Accelerator (FIPSA) and partners built their own variations, using the toolsets available.

For customers who have used the FIPSA, Oracle product development has redeveloped this accelerator, however, this is only available under a controlled release. Does the partner that built your solution have access to this? Do you want to re-implement a solution not supported by Oracle Product Development? Does going down this route provide you with long-term stability and certainty Extended Support Ends in December 2021

Oracle has created some additional challenges as part of the migration from 11g to 12c. The Imaging Agent and the server structure has changed, as the Content Server and Imaging Server are no longer separate. Therefore, the 12.2.x release requires a re-architecture of the solution, consequently there is no simple upgrade option. Solutions will need to be re-developed as part of the upgrade.

Our Experience of Upgrading

Arcivate’s own experience of moving from 11g to 12c has involved rewriting the Forms as 12c were not compatible with 11g. There are also a number of functionality changes between versions of 11 and then to 12. We found that it was much quicker and easier to implement using new features in 12c rather than work within the 11g limitations.


Stay on On-Premise or move to the Cloud with SaaS?Moving applications to the Cloud Arcivate Mi Invoices is a SaaS solution

With the existing on-premise FIPSA solution there is no support for Oracle ERP Cloud, so it would only be a stopgap as there is no future roadmap. Arcivate has migrated its Invoice Automation solution for Accounts Payable to the cloud and as part of this migration; we have increased functionality including better intelligent OCR capture, enhanced automation and an improved Use experience. As with all SaaS solutions, it minimises consultancy requirements, Capex expenditure and eliminates costly future upgrades, as this is included within the service.

Mi Invoices



Customers should consider their options as the upgrade from 11g to 12c.
In summary:

  • The upgrade is a complete re-implementation
  • Project timelines will be in the region of the initial implementation
  • Customers should also consider Oracles Cloud Direction, as this is accelerating
  • WebCenter Imaging is not offered in the Public Cloud
  • Moving to Mi Invoices for EBS protects their investment, as it is fully compatible with ERP Cloud.
  • Mi Invoices is Fully Certified and available from the Oracle Marketplace

We believe our customers require a strategy and ongoing roadmap, so our recommendation to customers is move to the cloud as it future proofs the investment.


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Mi Invoices Arcivate Mi Invoices Cloud replacement for WebCenter Imaging for Oracle Invoice Processing

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