On-boarding new suppliers and maintaining existing ones, is laborious, time consuming and costly.

This process can be radically improved with ARCivate’s Supplier Portal, allowing suppliers the ability to manage their own data, communicate, update and report on their data and invoice status.

Our Supplier Portal gives your organisations suppliers the ability to access the information on their orders, invoices and data through a 24x7 secure web interface and allow for interaction via online chat.

The dashboard functionality provides immediate answers to their everyday questions but importantly you also have the ability to manage all your suppliers more efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • list icon Supplier On-boarding
  • list icon All suppliers can be given access to be able to add, update & modify data
  • list icon Suppliers can upload a document to support amendment
  • list icon Uploading of invoices directly and view invoice status
  • list icon View Purchase Orders sent to Supplier
  • list icon Dashboard view for both supplier and client
  • list icon Reduce time consuming data entry and data errors
  • list icon Implement best practices with Enhanced collaboration between procurement, finance and operations