eBS R12 Upgrade, Enhance & Automate, On Demand Series of Workshops to understand the benefits?

In this session of the workshops series we will provide details on the benefits of automation and controls in upgrading and future proofing your investments.

Agenda for the Workshop Part 3

Arcivate Mi Invoices  Automation Invoice Processing Software in the Cloud

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See a demonstration of Arcivate Mi Invoices SaaS solution and the business benefits of Automated Invoice processing 
list iconUnderstand the details of upgrading your current environment utilising ConFigSnapShot

The sessions of the workshop series go into the benefits of Upgrading, Enhancing and Automating eBS R12. The attendees of the live events, discovered insights into the new functionality available and gained significant knowledge of the efficiencies and advantages of upgrading.
Oracle EBS R12 upgrade                                   Arcivate ConfigSnapshot