eBS R12 Upgrade, Enhance & Automate, an Online Series of Workshops to understand the benefits?

Sorry you missed our live workshops but you can still review the recordings of each session. 

The series of workshops started with an introductory session on April 22nd and our attendees discovered insights into new functionality available and gained significant knowledge of the benefits of upgrading.

Agenda for the Workshop SeriesOracle EBS R12 upgrade to maximise your Business Outcomes

list iconSee a Live demonstration of eBS R12 and the new Enterprise Command Center and many additional features
list iconUtilise the Cloud - What are the advantages and 
benefits of implementing eBS in Oracle Cloud  Infrastructure (OCI ), including the ability of cloning and the use of the Cloud Manager

list iconSee a demonstration of Arcivate Mi Invoices SaaS solution and the business benefits of Automated Invoice processing 

list iconObtain the benefits of Oracle Cloud with OCI and understand the details of upgrading your current environment utilising ConFig SnapShot
list icon
The 2nd and 3rd workshop sessions took place on; Wednesday 29th April and Wednesday 6th May  Where the sessions will go in-depth into the Upgrade, Enhance and Automate processes
Oracle EBS R12 upgrade                       Arcivate ConfigSnapshot