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Mobile Working

In today's work environment, it is critical that Business Managers can approve invoices remotely.


If an exception on an invoice has been detected, the user is presented with the image of the invoice in a browser to be able to then carry out an action.


This is part of our Single Screen Process where this task can then be carried out centrally or is perfect for remote workers on any device.


Remote worker using Mi Invoices on a tablet to approve invoices

Mi Invoices Oracle Invoice Automation remote working



Mi Invoices enables business users to undertake their allocated task to either review or approve an invoice.

The solution incorporates the capability to use any device. They can either use a PC or tablet to review and work on the task. 

Or by using their email

This enables Business Managers to quickly review the details of the invoice and to either approve or reject the invoice directly from the email. The email is a secure form with a one-time use, which does not provide a direct connection to the platform and is time bound.

Remote Worker approving invoices as part of Accounts Payable processing


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