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Data Migration of Legacy Solutions to Mi Invoices

Typically, as part of the majority of Mi Invoices deployments, there will be requirements to migrate data and information from existing systems into the new solution. This is either to allow legacy applications to be shut down or to provide on-going information to be transferred from other business applications.

The decommissioning of legacy applications can provide significant ROI’s and also ensures that users can find all historical information in one location.

Data migration of legacy invoice automation software delivering ROI - Basware - Kofax - Readsoft - WebCenter


Mi Invoices as standard can handle the bulk upload/import of scanned images via SFTP. However, as part of the implementation of a new system it is typically a requirement to migrate data from existing legacy applications. To migrate the existing images from the current system an automated process will need to be provided.

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Arcivate has undertaken numerous data migrations, which includes Basware, Concur, Itesoft, Kofax, WebCenter, ... , and is a service we have offered to our clients. We undertake the migration of data, invoices and any associated documents from the existing system to the Mi Invoices platform. We provide a migration script to undertake the bulk transfer of the documents and associated metadata and then update your ERP platform with the URL links to the images if required.

Arcivate Mi Invoices - Data Migration of legacy invoice automation applications delivering ROI - these include -Basware - Concur - Itesoft - Kofax Markview - Readsoft


The data migration plan, will need to include the consideration of these critical factors;

  • list icon Knowing the data — Before migration, a study of the source data needs to be undertaken to avoid any unexpected is surprises.
  • list icon Data Quality — If any issues are identified with the source data, these will need to be resolved or excluded from the migration.
  • list icon Audit — To ensure the governance of the migration an audit of the process will be included. This provides tracking and reporting on data quality and helps to manage the exceptions.
  • list icon Automation – The script provided will allow the process to be as automated as possible to minimise the resources required to undertake migration and to generate the audit file. The new Invoice URL and audit file will be inserted into your ERP platform to allow users to retrieve and view the information

Key Elements of Data Migration

  • list icon Create data importer
  • list icon Confirm metadata requirements
  • list icon Confirm image document transformation requirements
  • list icon Develop data importer and run trial imports
  • list icon Update importer and provide appropriate exception handling
  • list icon Undertake the migration

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