Exception Handling & Approval Management


The panacea of Automated Invoice Processing is straight-through processing but there does need to be appropriate controls to validate the data to enable payment of the invoice. Though we strive to achieve this goal, we provide the capability to manage these exceptions or if errors occur on an invoice are detected. These exceptions are presented to the operators as tasks in their browser for the issue to be resolved by the user and they can see the image of the invoice. These tasks can be undertaken centrally or are perfect for remote workers and to support hybrid working.See a Demo



Mi Invoices process Oracle Invoice Automation

With in Invoice Automation software where an exception or error occurs, the invoice needs to be handled by a requestor or buyer in the organisation, for a PO invoice these can be routed to that person, group or department directly.

An email notification will be sent out configured to the requirement, detailing the task at hand and then after clicking on the URL the user will have the ability to handle the exception.


Straight Through Processing

For non-PO invoices they need to be coded and approved, this process is handled within the routing capability of the solution and can have multiple steps as required. GL Distribution and Cost Centre codes will be automatically uploaded into the solution so allowing users to dynamically allocate relevant coding and then automatically send through the process for approval.


The solution also can communicate directly with your suppliers. An example would be where there is no Purchase Order number, and there is a no PO, No Pay policy the user in AP can reject the invoice directly back to the supplier with email notification and URL link. Clicking on the link will then take that supplier to the image of the invoice along with a single metadata field to enter a valid PO number to resolve the issue within minutes.

Mi Invoices enables remote working either via a web browser or by an email notification to approve a task your smart device.


Additional benefits within Mi Invoices includes

  • list icon PO with 3 way automated invoice matching

Where a PO exists and where 3 way matching is required if the PO value matches the Invoice Value and the receipted value, then the line items will be automatically matched and the invoice submitted to the ERP for payment

If the total value of the invoice doesn’t match the receipted line/s values, then the solution will attempt a line item match.

The Mi Invoices solution then creates a task where the users have to action only the line/s which don’t validate, to assist they will be presented a form clearly showing which lines have automatically matched and which lines require intervention to resolve.

  • list icon PO with 2 way matching

The process for a 2 Way PO invoice Mi Invoices it will validate the total value of the PO and if equal it will match the lines, if the value is not equal to it will attempt to undertake line item matching.


Reporting - Management and KPI Dashboards

  • list icon Accrual Amount – Total value of all invoices for that supplier
  • list icon Straight Throughput – a percentage of invoices with no touch
  • list icon Full Audit History – Available for every invoice
  • list icon KPI Reports enabling analysis of the day to day operations of the solution, which assists the efficient management of the processes and identify any bottlenecks to enhance the process further.
  • list icon Plus; Search Reports to help business users to find specific supplier invoices to assist with invoice queries and analysis of spend.

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