Home Working? 

Allowing the Accounts Payable team to work from home delivers business benefits and efficiencies.

There has been a shift in recent years to reduce office sizes, the cost associated with having a physical office and organisations are encouraging employees to work from home. The impact of Covid-19 pandemic has expedited this business change. Working from Home was a different style of operating that organisations could adopt, but wasn’t the tried and tested method. With the reliance on home working likely to become the norm, it is important to ensure business continuity by utilising Mi Invoices.


Our customer stated    “We couldn’t have coped with COVID-19 without having Mi Invoices”

Customer Successes



Accounts Payable Processing

Arcivate considered the ability to work remotely as an important design decision for Mi Invoices. The Mi Invoices accounts payable solution is a cloud platform that can be accessed anywhere or  restricted to your office network.

This flexibility allows users of global organisations who are commonly out of the office to code and approve invoices on their work laptop or mobile device.

As a web application, the Mi Invoices solution can be accessed on all modern browsers with no technical or administrative overhead to provide access. Outdated On-Premise solutions often required Java Applets or thick client applications installed to enable business users to work on their invoices, with Mi Invoices this is not the case.


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Notifications and Approvals

Invoice Automation Improves efficiency and enables control over your Business Processes.

One of the key concerns to allow people to work from home is security, control and audit. For invoice processing, it is important to keep business users up to date on what activities they need to complete. That’s why Mi Invoices sends users an email notification when an invoice has been assigned to them and a reminder can be sent. If they just need to review and approve the invoice, they can do this directly within the email.


The Accounts Payable Management Team have full oversight and control of staff operations with the transparency of the invoice flow. This even includes payment status details and live ageing reports for complete business process governance.

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What are the benefits of working remotely?


item-styleIncreased productivity due to reduction in commute times and fewer workplace distractions

item-styleImproved employee retention due to enhanced work-life balance

item-styleBusiness enabler during Coronavirus Pandemic

item-styleReduces costs of travel allowances and the cost of office space, leading to cheaper on seat costs

Arcivate Mi Invoices The real benefits of Working from Home


Mi Invoices Enabling Business as Usual

In the current fast-changing pandemic business have needed to enable flexible working and allow users to work from home.  Arcivate’s Mi Invoices has given Customers the ability to seamlessly transition to home working overnight.


Feedback from our clients stated


 “Without Mi Invoices, we wouldn’t have been able to move to Home Working"

Have you updated your business processes? 

To cater for the new normal, as it appears that COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. Critically not until 60 to 70% have been vaccinated will we be able to return to a near-normal way of life! 

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 Customer Successes
Arcivate Mi Invoices - Invoice Automation in the Cloud for Accounts Payable processes
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