Technology has the ability to transform the way we manage the capture and processing of business expenses. Being able to reduce the time consuming back office task of painstakingly checking spreadsheets and receipts, and improving the ease of input for the employee.

Mi Expenses provides a more efficient solution enabling claimants to initiate, build and fully submit expense claims from a smartphone or tablet. Lost receipts, inaccurate or missed expenses will be reduced along with driving adherence to company policies and, dare we say it, help reduce fraud.

Key Benefits

  • list icon Capture all receipts instantly to eliminate paper processing and storage
  • list icon Reduced admin and processing costs and improved efficiency
  • list icon Monitor spend as and when it occurs and improved control of VAT recovery
  • list icon Mobile on the move capture and submission of expenses with offline processing
  • list icon Visibility via reporting tracking of the reimbursement process
  • list icon End-to-end visibility and control and ensuring compliance with policy and auditing