Mi Flows enables the management of content whilst giving workers the flexibility to apply their expert knowledge to the flow of a business process or case.

Whether it is Correspondence and Complaints, an insurance claim, project development, new applications or a contract negotiation, Mi Flows will streamline the business process by creating a hub of knowledge.

Mi Flows manages and delivers the complete solution, from integration to automation. The dynamic workflow engine along with analytics and content allows knowledge workers to make the right use of processes for the best outcome.

A robust and secure solution, which is capable of processing large volumes of data both quickly and efficiently.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • list icon Decrease transaction cycle times improving customer and colleague responsiveness
  • list icon Improve decision making with 360-degree view of your business process to improve communication
  • list icon Compliance with internal controls via comprehensive audit logs and ensure Governance is achieved with regulations e.g GDPR
  • list icon Improve efficiency by eliminating paper handling and potential loss due to human error
  • list icon Gain control by ensuring enterprise content is fully searchable, managed and controlled
  • list icon Enhancing the power and capability of the organisation by enabling; Full visibility, Reduced Costs, Collaboration, Speed up discovery